goa trip tips

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everyone in his life plans a trip to goa . but only some persons are successful in their planning. here below i will provide you some tips how to plan your trip . how to save your money.  all the information provided below is not copied. in am providing it with my own experience.

goa trip tips

goa trip - special tip

  1. book your tickets in advance because at the last movement the tickets are not easily available.
  2. if a person doesn’t have much money to spend ; then the person can opt traveling through train sleeper class it cost around 750 one side from delhi.
  3. book hotel in advance , and avail various online offers.
  4. make sure to pack your sunscreen and your eye-wear.
  5. take accommodation nearby the beach it saves your time, in traveling.
  6. according to me book hotel in north goa .
  7. for traveling take scooty on rent .
  8. the rent is around ₹300  for scooty.
  9. and ₹500 – ₹800 for bikes (  24 hrs ).
  10. but the rent goes doubled near new year ( 12 hrs ).
  11. you can also get Thar on rent for a  group of 5-6 persons.
  12. but make sure to get yellow no. plate vehicle.
  13. otherwise you have to pay fine , if the police stops you.
  14. don’t spend so much time only on beaches.
  15. because all the beaches are so much same ,except crowd.
  16. 2 days are enough for beach.
  17. spend the remaining days at clubs and other places.
  18. there are no restrictions on drinking alcohol in open.
  19. can go for a disco ship cruse of 1 hr @  ₹300  per head , in panjim.
  20. casino cruse @ 2000 per person , 1000 rupees for playing games.
  21. must be of 21 years of age to get entry into casino deck of gaming.
  22. every beach has a market  near to it, each market place is similar.
  23. one can to go to saturday night market , it’s something different than other market , as the name suggest itself it appears on Saturday.

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